Remote controlled unmanned ground vehicle MILOSH-NMILOŠ-N

MILOŠ, it is a remotely controlled mid-size electrical unmanned ground combat, and the primary use of that system is support to the infantry and special units for incapacitation and neutralisation of individual and group infantry targets at distances of up to 800 metres.

It is widely known under the name of “Small Miloš” and it has two weapon subsystems - 7.62mm calibre machine gun M86 and 40mm calibre revolver grenade launcher. The capacity of the combat package is 500 7.62x54mm rounds and 6 40x46mm rounds.

Tactical advantage in relation to other platforms in the same category is reflected in the fact that it can go through standard width door (80 cm), and climb staircase, thus enabling additional versatility, or it can move and execute tasks within buildings. The platform has ballistic protection against weapons of 5.56mm and 7.62mm calibres.

Technical specification


Logistic remote controlled unmanned ground vehicle MILOSH-L

It is intended for the army and police. It is capable for combat operations, transporting ammunition, food, water, reconnaissance, as an ambulance to transport the wounded.

The logistics version-with cargo space.